Rules for Payment of College Dues

  • The date for the payment of the college dues for various classes will be fixed and notified by the Principal from time to time.
  • A late fees ne of Rs. 100/- per day will be charged, if dues are not paid by scheduled date.
  • Students absent from the College during the fee period must arrange to pay their fee within the due date.
  • Cheques will not be accepted for payment of College dues.
  • Non-payment of College dues within one month of the last day of payment will render the student liable to be struck off from College rolls. Such candidates may be re-admitted on payment of re-admission fee of Rs. 2000/-.
  • If a student does not get his name struck off from the colleges rolls by applying to the Principal, he will be treated as on the rolls of the College and the dues will be realised for the period of absence.
  • If a student leaves the College during any term he/she will have to pay the fees for the whole period of each term except in case of migration.
  • Extension in the date for payment of dues and permission to pay in installment may be granted in exceptional cases by the Principal and application for the same may be made before the expiry of the due date.
  • The student shall be penalised for absence from the College Functions/ Celebrations, as per notification.